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As per different directed investigations, there is a neurological connection between particular zones of the body and the interior organs. This being stated, on the off chance that you investigate your ears, you might have the capacity to perceive your present wellbeing condition and even anticipate potential medical problems. You are likely thinking about whether this is without a doubt. It is and you can look at a few changed answers that your ears can give you!

When we are conceived, our ears are totally framed and this is the reason they can be utilized for individual distinguishing proof, comparably to fingerprints.

Ears decide sort of genesA ‘ordinary’ ear cartilage is smooth while an ear cartilage with a wrinkle has an overlay, a wrinkle, or a straight line which influences the ear cartilage to show up as though it is sliced down the middle. Studies show that the previous is a passive inherited quality while the last is an overwhelming genetic characteristic.

Coronary supply route diseaseA inclining wrinkle on the ear cartilage may once in a while be an indication of coronary vein malady or an early manifestation of it.

Absence of calcium and vitamins

On the off chance that you have paler ears, you could be experiencing a low measure of particular vitamins or calcium.

Kidney issuesIf you have rather ruddy ears, you may have kidney-related issues.

Mind issue

In the event that your ears are excessively red, you might experience the ill effects of memory misfortune or cerebrum maladies. An aroused ligament is frequently an indication of backsliding polychondritis.

Ear reflexology

The ears have in excess of 200 needle therapy indicates that are connected different organs and the musculoskeletal framework. At the point when constrained appropriately, this can enable you to dispose of various medical problems, both physical and passionate.

A Map of the Acupuncture Points on the Ear:

Trust it or not, in the event that you put a clothespin and abandon it for a few minutes on the accompanying ear focuses, you can effectively treat torment in those zones of the body:

Back and bears

Inward organs


Sinuses and throat

Stomach related framework

Head and heart

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